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A durable, virtually indestructible toy made from natural latex rubber to keep your dog entertained for hours.

The Ruffwear Turnup is made from natural latex rubber, an environmentally friendly, renewable and sustainable resource. This natural rubber allows for a resilient, stretchy and bouncy toy with a slightly contoured surface to provide your dog with a gum massaging toy.

Due to it's mainly round shape the Ruffwear Turnup fits into most standard sized ball throwers making it a supremely versatile dog toy.

The fun shape ensures an unpredictable bounce for a more exciting game.

In 2014 Ruffwear put the Huckama and Turnup toys to the test with some dogs who are serious toy destroyers. To see the results and see how resilient they are click here.


  • Trail Tested Guarantee (details here)
  • Durable, resilient and virtually indestructible
  • Designed to have an erratic bounce to keep your dog on its toes
  • Made form natural latex rubber which is resilient, stretchy, bouncy and durable

Size Guide

Available in one size - 2.5" diameter