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ruffwear roamer lead

Redesigned for 2017!

The Ruffwear Roamer Lead is an extending, flexible lead which can be hand-held or waist-worn.

This innovative design by Ruffwear with it's unique Wavelength webbing allows the lead to stretch as your dogs roam. This lead is great for walks where you know your dog can safely have a little extra freedom over and above that of their usual walks. 

Hand-held or waist-worn this lead can be used for higher energy activities with your dog such as jogging or for walks through the countryside/forest where you want your dog to remain close to you but to have the choice to stretch out a little further.

The ergonomically designed Talon Clip allows you to easily adjust the lead from being hand-held to waist-worn and there is the addition of a convenient accessory loop for pickup bags or other small clip on items such as whistles/clickers etc

Available in two sizes both of which stretch to over 6ft with the larger size stretching to 11ft. Use the tab above for full size information.

For extra peace of mind there is a traffic handle located near to where the lead clips to your dogs harness. This is made of non-stretchy fabric allowing you keep your dog close to your side.

Note: due to the extending nature of this lead caution must always be taken if used in busy, populated areas where traffic may be present or large crowds of people. Always be aware of the needs of other dogs who may find your dog approaching them difficult to cope with.


    • Trail Tested Guarantee (details here)
    • Wavelength webbing provides extendable lead length
    • Ruffwear-designed Talon Clip™ is strong and secure
    • Talon Clip™ allows for easy, one-handed clip in to collar
    • Padded handle for comfort around wrist or waist
    • Accessory loop for pickup bags and small clip on items
    • Traffic handle for safety

    Size Guide

    Click the link above for more detailed information.

    See it in action - watch the video