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Do you have a rabbit with a poorly tummy? The Barks & Bunnies Digestive Health rabbit subscription box includes items which are believed to be beneficial to digestive health or as an appetite stimulant.   

What's in the box?

Nothing is worse than watching your rabbit suffer from a poorly tummy. The digestive health box is designed to contain only items that have long been trusted to work in harmony with your rabbit's digestive system or as a useful appetite stimulant. anyone with a rabbit suffering stasis will know that immense feeling of relief as they take a nibble of some apple or hay.

You can see examples of some boxes in the images above.

If your pet loves a particular toy or treat, has any allergies or dietary needs, then just add a note to your order at the checkout to let us know. Alternatively feel free to contact us before ordering.

Charity Donation

We donate 20p to charity with every box you order, that includes all repeating subscriptions too. You can see a list of the charities we have donated to here.


  • Order a single box
  • 20p donated to charity with every order
  • Contents worth more than the price you pay