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Foobler by The Company of Animals is the worlds first electronic timed puzzle feeder! This versatile interactive toy can be used as a stimulating treat puzzle or interactive feeder to improve your dog’s activity and health.

The Foobler can be set to dispense one of its six treat compartments at 15, 30, 60 or 90 minute intervals. At the designated interval a bell chime alerts the dog a treat pod is available and it’s time to play!

The toy can be used indoors or outside (weather permitting) and requires 2AA batteries (included). 

Your dog isn't meant to carry the Foobler but rather push it with their nose or paw. The manufacturer recommends your dog be supervised when in use and advises the toy shouldn't be chewed.

So why is it better than a normal treat feeder?

The timed compartments mean that for dogs who quickly learn to get their food out of a rolling ball their playtime is extended giving them increased exercise and slowing them down if they are prone to eating too fast.

Not only that but they have to learn to associate the chiming noise with food being available meaning they have to think to work out this new game. 


  • Extend feeding time
  • Timed compartments to release treats
  • Fun & stimulating
  • Increases exercise
  • Batteries included

Size Guide

Approx 18cm diameter - note this is a large toy not designed to be carried.

See it in action - watch the video

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