Chews & Antlers

Sometimes a dog just needs to chew and for those moments there is nothing better than a natural dog chew which is healthy and delicious.

Many dogs love nothing more than settling down to the best natural dog chews, it releases happy chemicals from their brain, relieves boredom and helps clean their teeth at the same time removing plaque and tartar.

Our dogs have helped us sniff out a selection of the best natural vegetable dog chews, dog chews that last a long time, antler chews for dogs and not only that but they are on hand to help sniff out which one to send your dog in your order too!

Popular brands include Benebone, Soopa dog chews, Green & Wilds antler dog chews, natural rawhide chews by Farmfoods and wooden chews including Chewroots (similar to an ANCO root) and the new Coffeewood Chews.